Thing 16: Library Thing

For that book enthusiast – what a neat site.   I can totally see Librarians immersing themselves in this site.  For me, personally, I don’t think I will use it.  Professionally, for my class, possibly.  Baby Steps.  There are so many other things I want to do with them first, like creating a Wiki, and perhaps even getting them to start blogging. 

I tooled around a bit, and did not really find this to be a very interesting site for myself.  I read, don’t get me wrong.  I love books.  But what I am reading now is either for school, or newspapers or magazines.  I feel like I have a good network with which to discuss what I am currently reading, and having a forum, like what Library Thing offers, is not something I have an interest in or the time for.

I have a huge classroom library – wouldn’t it be great to catalog all of those books for the kids!  Can anyone add a few more hours to the day so that I can get this task completed?

2 thoughts on “Thing 16: Library Thing

  1. Learning 2.0 is an avenue to explore and learn about the available tools. We can’t love everyone, but at least you know it is there.

  2. What a great way to catalog a classroom library. I agree with you, not enough time to get it all done. However, I bet some really ambitious kids would like to take on the task. I also agree that it’s not my first choice of new tools to get cracking with.

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