Thing 12: Embedding a Slideshow

Wow – this was pretty darn easy.  I just can’t wait until school starts (well, maybe I can wait another month if I must) to start implementing what I have learned from this course into my classroom.  My slideshow is quite basic – just a “stream” of photos that I found related to the Civil War.  I used Bubbleshare because I’ve seen it all over – on the Wikis I previewed and even within my school this past year.  Can’t wait to get my students using Bubbleshare as well.  It was extremely easy.  I also must say I am pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to embed it without being given such detailed intructions from Shelley. 

BubbleShare: Share photosEasy Photo Sharing


One thought on “Thing 12: Embedding a Slideshow

  1. You did a great job on your slideshow. Keep me posted on the great things you do with your students.

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