Thing 17: Another Great Find

Podcasting – another great find from taking this course.  I had so much fun “wandering” around the various podcasts.  I love NPR, and rarely get to listen to it – but that won’t be the case anymore.  I subscribed to a few of their podcasts – one on education and one on their story of the day.  I listened to one on education, about Arne Duncan’s address to the NEA, and how Obama and his administration are pushing for merit pay for teachers, and how, of course, the NEA is opposed to it.  Don’t get me on that topic – that’s a whole different blog post. 

I then went into Education Podcast Network, and found a great podcast, that I again subscribed to, on using an IWB in your classroom, something that I am committed to using more efficiently and effectively with my students this year.

I for sure see myself using podcasts for my personal and professional use.  Personal – download to my IPod, and listen to while I am exercising – what a great way to catch up with things!  Professionally – while I am in my classroom, and my students aren’t there, and I am planning, or prepping, there might be times where I can check my reader, and listen to podcast of interest. 

Not sure yet for actually using it with the students – I know this past year, one of our interest groups for our 5th grade leadership program was podcasting.  One of the teachers worked with a small group of students where they learned about podcasting, and created one.  I will be anxious to talk to her when school gets back to see what she actually did. 

I hate to admit this – but until just a few minutes ago, I did not know what a podcast was.  But, not anymore!

One thought on “Thing 17: Another Great Find

  1. First, don’t be embarrassed that you didn’t know what a podcast is before this course. That is what this course is all about.

    Definitely think about using podcasts with your students. It is a great vehicle for assessment. Talk to Helene because I think the rising fifth graders created podcasts last year so they should be ready to go.

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