Thing 18: I did it!

Not only did I accomplish completing all three levels of Skyhike at Stone Mountain, I also made my very first podcast – and had no problems!  Everything worked the first time, and my husband didn’t even have to peek his head in the office, telling me to “clean up my language.” 

I had fun making the podcast, and I can’t believe how incredibly easy it was.  I didn’t even realize that I could record to my computer through All Programs…I have learned so many new and wonderful things about my computer and the Web from taking this class.

Having my students create a podcast?  I’m sure the ways in which they can create a podcast are endless.  Being in summer mode, one idea comes readily to me – book talks.  I could give them a specific task to start with – something specific to reflect on from a book that they have read – and let them go at it.  Now that I am thinking of it, children are so creative and technologically savvy, if I told them what a podcast is, and asked them, “What kind of assignment could I give you related to xyz would you be able to create a podcast?”  That idea seems more exciting to me than the first one.

Sad to see my summer go, yet so excited to get back into the classroom and start applying/using/sharing all of these wonderful Web 2.0 ideas/tools I’ve learned about this summer.

One thought on “Thing 18: I did it!

  1. Neat idea to ask the students for podcast ideas. I also like the podcast/book talk idea. You are definitely going to have the coolest class ever!!

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