Thing 20: Google Docs

I discovered google docs last year from a teammate of mine.  I think it is a very powerful tool in today’s world, be it the classroom or a place of business – anywhere where people need to collaborate on documents, presentations, or spreadsheets. 

I have used it, and will continue to use it, with my students.  When they have a written assignment that must be typed, I am going to require that they type it in a google doc, and invite me as a collaborator.  Maybe at some point, they can invite a friend or two as a collaborator to peer edit.  I love not having mulitple files of the same document – b/c google docs just shows the most current file.  In addition to using it with students, often times as a grade level, we have to produce documents to be sent to the entire grade, and google docs would be a great place for us to work on the documents together.  I will just have to educate my grade level about this awesome tool – shouldn’t be too hard.

I was not really aware of the presentation or spreadsheet componet of google docs.  There have been powerpoints that I have put together, and had I known about the google doc presentation, I could have done it collaboratively – now I know.  Also, throughout the year, students produce presentations within groups – a great way for them to not be tied to working only from school – and only from one computer.


One thought on “Thing 20: Google Docs

  1. Love those Google Docs. So many ways to use them making life for you and your students easier and more productive.

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