Final Reflections

As I said in one of my voicethread comments, this class has been one of the best classes I have EVER taken as an educator.  I am so glad that I took it in the summer, when I had more time to devote to it.  I could probably go through most every “Thing” on our 23 Things list, and tell you how I plan on using it in my classroom – but I’ll just name a few.

  • Google Docs – love this tool.  Love the collaboration piece.  Love the accessibility component.  Plan on having my students get into the lab during the first or second week of school to set up their school gmail accounts, and get started using google docs.
  • Pageflakes – awesome tool.  I’ve create a pagecast, and dared to make it public.  Check it out by clicking here.  I plan on using it as a Homework page, annoucement page, etc.
  • Wiki – I am going to be working with a small group of students throughout the year on the Wiki that was started last year.  I also would love for my students to create wiki on the Civil War which we study in the spring.
  • Delicious – when I am on my computer at home, and find a cool school related website, I’ve also “cut and pasted the URL into an e-mail, and sent the e-mail from my personal account to my school one.”  NO MORE!  I have been adding URL’s like crazy to Delicious this summer.  Yeah for me – now I can even share them with my colleagues.  G-d, I love this stuff!
  • Readers – still using ’em!  While I don’t check it every day, when I do, I am finding useful, interesting information.
  • Creative Commons – knew nothing about this, but I need to know about this, and start having conversations with my students and even staff at our school about it.

I must admit, though, that I do have one major fear: that my school year will start, and I just won’t be able to keep up.  The demand this year at school will be greater than ever, with so many staff being laid off or cut back.  In addition to my school duties, I do have a family, with two young children that need me.  I know I will come to figure out a balance – and how to manage it all – but, boy does it scare me!

My next steps:

Start school next week – get my kids into the computer lab, and do the best I can do to continue forward into the 21st Century!

One thought on “Final Reflections

  1. Like I mentioned many times, take small steps and don’t try to do everything. Do one something that you are really excited about and fly with it.

    You were amazing throughout this course as I knew you would be. I will definitely miss seeing all the incredible things you do with your students. They are so lucky to have you.

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