Thing 22: Social Networking

Great sites out there!  There is so much power in networking with other professional educators – it’s just a matter of being able to find the time to do it all!  I joined the Classroom 2.0 network, and I have gained some insight into this new world of social networking – well, in this case, I should consider it “social networking with a purpose”.  It’s not like Facebook in the sense of the “mindlessness” – you are networking with a purpose (I suppose some people feel Facebook is networking with a purpose as well).

What I am trying to say is that Classroom 2.0 is all about Eduation and more specifically, how to use technology within our classrooms.  I would like to continue to “lurk” in the background of this Ning, and learn from the posts/discussions that I read. 

Do I see myself using this Ning on a regular basis?  I see myself using when I find a need to – when a conversation arises that I feel like I can meaningfully contribute to.

One thought on “Thing 22: Social Networking

  1. Many may disagree, but I think “lurking” and learning from others in a quiet way is ok. I know when you have something you feel is worth contributing you will do so. Again, remember you can only do so much:-)

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